Topic: WE'RE MORE THAN FULL - Rika Ruebsaat

The Princeton Traditional Music festival is in the enviable position of having more musicians who have applied to come and perform than we have space for. Considering that we don't pay performers, that is pretty amazing. We have been blessed this year with traditional musicians we've never heard of applying to perform.

In some ways our position is /un/enviable because we now have to say no to people, something we've never had to do before. Last fall we sent out an email to all past performers saying that we planned to lower the number of performers (we were overwhelmed with numbers last year) and increase performance times for larger groups. Some of our regulars volunteered not to apply this year to make way for new blood. We are most grateful to them and will welcome them back on the program in the future. Those performers who applied and whom we plan to leave out this year are all people who have performed at several Festivals already. Again, we will welcome them back on future programs. We are delighted that many of them plan to come to the Festival anyway to be part of our musical community.

The deadline for this year's performer application is the end of May so we still have applications coming in.  Since we're already over-full, I hope there aren't too many more because that increases the number of people we have to say no to. I think next year we'll make the deadline earlier. In June we will decide on our list of performers and begin posting information about them on the website.

  Rika Ruebsaat