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We are very interested in hearing about people's experience at the Festival. If you didn't fill out a feedback sheet while you were there, please take the time to download the pdf and mail it to us, or just cut and past the following text into an e-mail and send it to feedback@princetontraditional.org

---------- Princeton Traditional Music Festival 2012 Feedback Sheet ----------

1 - What I liked:

2 - Suggestions for next year:

3 - I heard about the Festival (chose all relevant):
- in the local paper
- on CBC
- word of mouth
- by poster
- on internet
- other (where?)
4 - I live in:
- the Princeton area
- the lower mainland
- another part of BC (where?)
- another part of Canada  (where?
- the US (where?)
- elsewhere (where?)

5 - Would you like to be on the e-mail list?(Y/N)

6 - Would you like to help next year? (Y/N)
- Name:
- Phone:

    ---------- send: to feedback@princetontraditional.org ----------


Re: Audience Feedback Please

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Re: Audience Feedback Please

Hi...I live in Vernon B.C.
I heard about the festival from a friend.
I will be forever grateful to him because I was yearning for this kind of experience from a place inside of me that was missing the 'sixties'
I've been looking forward to it all year.
Thank you so much for this festival
p.s. last year was my first year and I love the fact that I can bring my two tiny canines.......Cleo and Cuddles love all the attention they get

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