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I just got an e-mail from one of this year's performers, Felix Possak, who asks the following:

Tell me about the Saturday evening town-wide party, or for that matter the Friday
night dance.
I only know about the daytime performances,

I'll let the festival coordinator, Jon Bartlett, respond to this so that others here can benefit from the answer. Felix, I hope you don't mind me posting this! :)


Re: Friday night dance - Saturday party

Hi Felix:

The dance on Friday runs from about 7-9 pm at the Town Square.  A live
ceilidh band and a caller and a couple of hundred dancers.

The Saturday night fooferah is based on the performers' party at our
house.  Groups of musicians and singers break off from there to sing or
make music at a variety of spots in the town.  It's not official, nor is
it organized but it's noticeable if one were passing thru!

Hope this helps



Re: Friday night dance - Saturday party

Great to know that information. I just love to visit dance parties & studios.  Thanks for sharing this info.


Re: Friday night dance - Saturday party

Last year, the Vancouver Folk Song Society hosted a song circle on Saturday night in the Museum Stage tent. It was a wonderful chance for me to hear lots of good singers from the West Coast. I wonder if they'll be doing it again?

--Charlie Baum, who was at the 2010 Princeton Festival, but, alas, it's too far from Maryland USA to travel every year. I'll be missing you all in August, with fond memories of last year


Re: Friday night dance - Saturday party

We'll have to see what we get. Some step up in the last minute. It's the ones from far away that generally plan further ahead.

BTW Charlie, thanks for the messages about the spam. I just saw them in the last minute as I deleted a bunch of stuff. I think I made an error and deleted some messages from you about the spam as well. At any rate, it's all gone now. Interestingly, I put registration back on as a test 4 hours ago and in that time got 68 new spam registrations! I'm just making another test with a filter that asks a question, so we'll see how that works. I don't mind a little "semi spam" such as the one a couple of messages back in this thread which is an ad for ballroom dancing - it's not totally off the mark and not obnoxious.