Once again we will see Princeton musicians in Homegrown Traditions, hosted  by Larry Saidman.

This music swap, consisting of Princeton musicians and singers performing traditional material, was presented with astounding success last year!  This year everybody’s back, and with some new faces.

Returning are:

RICK FREEMAN: Rick has enchanted Princeton with his unique singing and fine blues guitar when playing in Princeton’s  Backdoor Blues band.Lots of traditional and modern blues influences.   

STUART JAMES:  Stu is banjo player who incorporates American Appalachian frailing into his hybrid style, and plays and sings some fine English and Irish Traditional songs.

CORRY OERLEMANS: Corey grew up in his family with Dutch and German traditional music.He played many instruments in jazz bands in Ontario, but his main love is trumpet.

BARBARA BUSHEWSKY: Barbara, of Cowboy Coffee/Coco’s Bistro, last year sang a politically significant song of Jewish origin from 1147.  This year?  Maybe the Bell lyre.

ALLEN, THE TROUBADOR: Allen doesn’t just sing about the disenfranchised, he does something about it!   He contributes his fine country singing and solid guitar playing to so many great causes, and is a driving force behind our Crisis Unit and Food Bank.

HENRY RUEL: Henry keeps the Princeton music scene alive through the Back Door jams and coffeehouses.  He is sensitive to whatever percussive sound might enhance any song.

RICK LAW: Rick discovered traditional music at the Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto.  He’ll be helping out on bass, and will also sing a traditional song or two.

HUGH MONEY: Hugh is veteran of logging camps as well as being a wealth of information about harmonicas.  As part of The Alley Cats, he is in demand at various seniors’ centres.

New additions:

PATTYANN:  Patti loves to sing the old hymns she sang with her family growing up, but she has expanded her range to inspirational songs of all kinds.   You’ll love her beautiful voice!

JASON GASPARETTO: Jason just moved to Princeton from Sault Ste Marie.  He plays a mean slide guitar and loves the blues, his main influences are Robert Johnson and Eric Clapton. 

SOPHIA MILNER: You’ll love Sophia’s great soulful voice and song style, influenced by Stompin Tom, Hank Snow, Hank Williams, and blues artists such as BB King & John Lee Hooker.

And a few surprises, no doubt!