Topic: 2012 Festival Performers


Mary ARMITAGE - The ways of women
Alex ATAMANENKO and Lawrence HALISHEFF– Russian folk songs
Jon BARTLETT and Rika RUEBSAAT – BC and Canadian songs
CHOIR SLOVENIA – Slovenian folk and sacred songs
CLADDACH – Songs from BC and the British Isles, Celtic tunes
Karel CREPNJAK – Slovenian accordion player
DARK WILLOW – songs and tunes of Britain and Canada
DIGGERS – songs and stories of labour history and struggle
DOC AND NAK – Traditional American songs
ERRATICA – songs and tunes from a variety of traditions
FRASER UNION – Folk, mainly Canadian
John GOTHARD – Traditional songs from the British Isles
Rosaleen GREGORY - Traditional songs from the British Isles
Betty HENDRICKSON – Traditional tunes on hammered dulcimer
Stewart HENDRICKSON – Irish slow airs and songs with fiddle and voice
HOKUM STEAMERS – Acoustic ragtime blues, hokum jug band songs and gospel
Dick and Carol HOLDSTOCK – Traditional songs from California
IN THE FAMILY WAY – Traditional folk songs in three-part harmony
JASMINE FIONA – Traditional songs popular with children
KING’S SHILLING – Torn Away – traditional songs of the convict, slave and conscript
LEMON GIN – Traditional and nibbling social commentary
LITTLE MOUNTAIN STEP & CLOG – Traditional English clog dancing
Ben METI – Albanian accordion
MORGAN & GRAVES – Songs and tunes from a wide range of traditions
ORKESTAR SLIVOVICA – Serbian, Macedonian, Roma wedding and dance music
PASTIES ‘N’ PORRIDGE – songs and stories from Scotland
PSYCHO ACOUSTIC CEIILI BAND – playing for the Friday evening dance
Tom RAWSON – Humorous stories, user-friendly songs and acoustic folk philosophy
Chris ROE – Ballads, banter and box tunes from America and Britain
Larry SAIDMAN & Robin COTTLE – Old-timey North American music
Sarah Jane SCOUTEN – Canadian roots, country and folk music
Penny SIDOR – Traditional songs from a fine singer. A ton of fun!
SKWEEZ – traditional songs and tunes with squeezebox, guitar and whistle
SLOVENIAN FOLKLORE DANCERS –Traditional Slovenian dancing and singing
SOFT FOCUS – Vocal/string duo with songs from Britain, US and Canada
SOLIDARITY NOTES LABOUR CHOIR – Labour songs and songs of social justice
SOMETHING ABOUT REPTILES – East meets west in this Turkish/Gypsy cabaret band
STAB THE CAT – Pipe tunes and traditional songs from Britain
Phillip TIDD – Traditional ballads, sea songs and more
VAZZY – Energetic French-Canadian and Métis songs and tunes
Randy VIC and Becky DERYCKX – Irish traditional music
WITHOUT A NET - Traditional klezmer music and songs
ZEELLIA – a Slavic “soul” band complete with hurdy-gurdy

New Additions:
Vancouver Morris Men
Mossyback Morris Men
Tim Hall
Stuart James
Alison Humphries
Local Ale
Rattlebone Band


Re: 2012 Festival Performers

Thanks for the list, Ole.  here are some changes (I'm sure there'll be more as we get closer to the weekend)

Additions and cancellations as at 1 July 2012:

ADD: Vancouver Morris Men, Mossyback Morris Men, Tim Hall, Stuart James, Alison Humphries, Local Ale, Rattlebone Band, TriChoir

REMOVE: Out of the Green

Edit: Done! - Ole